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The Story so far...

A casual conversation around the idea of using the fresh produce from an existing but neglected apple orchard on a small rural property overlooking the Mansfield Valley began the journey. Several years of research, experimentation and planning ensued before Tin Shed Cider was officially launched in late 2012.

Now iIn its third year, Tin Shed Cider is producing a traditionally crafted STILL cider with no additives. Pure fresh apple juice, fermented to produce a chemical free alcoholic drink that tastes like apples. No preservatives, no added sugar and no added water. Very different to the commercially produced carbonated ciders, this cider appeals to a select sector of this rapidly expanding market.

To extend the appeal to a broader market a SPARKLING variety was launched in late 2014. With a low level of carbonation and minimal preservative to guarantee shelf life for distribution through supermarkets and other outlets the sparkling cider maintains the Tin Shed Cider philosophy of using only Victorian apples with no added sugar or water.

The Cellar Door has been developed and displays a number of interesting relics from the district. Some old stables were rescued from a nearby property to frame a “museum” area and the history is being detailed in the interest of local heritage and conservation.

A certified food premises processing room within the shed allows visitors to view the “workings” of a traditional craft Cidery.

The Cellar Door...

The Cellar Door is a destination in the High Country like nothing else in the region.

Unique in that it has been developed to retain the rustic character and authenticity of the historic old shed which has been verified as built over 100 years ago. The addition of local relics of interest, attention to detail and décor to match complete the scene.

An unhurried account of the Tin Shed Cider journey and a wander around the orchard and Cidery is available to those with an interest. The view is magic and ever changing with relaxed indoor or outdoor areas for sitting and enjoying the experience.

A variety of Local Produce is also available for sale.

Opening Hours

The Tin Shed Cider cellar door has closed and will not be operating into the future!

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All products are made from Victorian apples with no added sugar or water. Where used, preservatives are minimal. Gluten Free.

  • 750 ml Still Dry Tin Shed Cider
  • 330 ml Still Dry Tin Shed Cider
  • 330 ml Still Sweet Tin Shed Cider
  • 330 ml Sparkling Dry Tin Shed Cider
  • 330 ml Sparkling Sweet Tin Shed Cider
  • Spice Sachets (honey and freshly ground spices to make Spiced Cider with 750 ml Still Dry Tin Shed Cider)
  • 500 ml Apple Cider Vinegar


Upcoming Events...

The Cellar Door is available for small private functions – birthdays, weddings, lunches, dinners including...

Tailored to suit any budget; Cocktail, Buffet, Banquet, 6 course, Anything is possible! Venue only, Venue and drinks, Venue, catering and drinks.

Weddings; Ceremony only; Ceremony and reception; Orchard setting; Garden setting; Outdoor/Indoor; Rustic Old Shed; Marquee.

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